Easy tips to follow to effectively lose weight

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Easy tips to follow to effectively lose weight

Losing weight is usually not easy for most people, which is why so many are looking for tips to help them do it effectively.

If you have been struggling to effectively lose weight and need some help, start by checking out these easy tips.


Reduce calories and increase exercise — Losing weight effectively really boils down to do two things. Eating less calories and doing more exercise.

If you can manage to change these two things in your life, you will start to see weight loss from the very first week.


Eat more fruit and vegetables — Eliminate most sugar and sugary snacks from your diet and substitute fruit instead. If you do that, you will still get the same sweet taste, but without all the negative effects eating too much sugar can add to your diet.

In the same way, you can also subsitute crispy, raw vegetables for things like potato chips, pretzels and other savory snacks.

Fruits and vegetables are far lower in calories than processed foods and come with a huge range of vitamins and minerals too.

By just doing these two things when trying to lose weight, you could see a weight loss of two to five pounds a week.


Cut your portions in half — If you already eat a relatively healthy diet, and would love to keep eating most of the same foods, there is a way to do that and still lose weight.

This involves figuring out how big of a portion you would normally eat of the healthy foods you like, and then cutting those portions in half. That way, you do get the same experience you already enjoy when you eat, but are still reducing the calories.


Lift weights — Building muscle is an excellent way to lose weight, as the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism will be.

Even if you do not have access to a full free weights set, therefore, you should still buy a couple of smaller sets of dumbbells and lift those every day.

Add an ankle weight to each leg when you do leg lifts, and you will notice quickly how much more defined and thinner your thighs and calves appear.

If you have access to a gym, make a habit of visiting it at least three times a week and do a full weight lifting set every time you are there.


Aerobic exercise — Doing some kind of aerobic exercise that pushes up your heart rate is also important when trying to effectively lose weight.

To do this, you could take up speedwalking or running, kickboxing or judo, or play tennis or squash. Any sport that will give you a good aerobic workout will also boost your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

For further weight loss tips, you can easily go on youtube and search for “weight loss tips” and you’ll be shown an abundance of awesome videos that have some golden nuggets of information, for instance this one:

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