When One Should Consider Consulting A Spine Specialist

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July 23, 2018
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When One Should Consider Consulting A Spine Specialist

According to some research, a large number of Americans will experience some form of spinal pain at some point in their lives. Although not every pain and ache is a reason to visit a spinal surgeon or an emergency room, there are some signs that one should keep an eye out for that indicate there could be something seriously wrong in your spine or back area.

Some very serious symptoms that suggest you should probably schedule an appointment to go to a doctor, spinal surgeon, or spinal specialist immediately are signs like very intense bodily pain that doesn’t seem to fade away quickly. For example, if you had fell off a roof while working on your house or got hit really hard in the back while at a sporting event you should wait and see whether or not the pain subsides within 24-48 hours before making a final decision on whether or not you should make an appointment to go to the progressive spine & orthopaedics specialist. If the pain seems to get worse or lingers for a long period of time then it would be wise to seek help and head to your doctor’s office as soon as possible. You never want to ignore something that could be a serious problem when it comes to your body and overall health because it could lead to more serious problems if left untreated.

Another serious sign that could suggest you should consider consulting a professional spine specialist or spine surgeon is when there are shooting and severe pains in your legs. If you have ever experienced extreme throbbing and pulsating pains in your legs and hip area, it could be an indication of sciatica or pinched nerves and if left ignored, could cause more serious nerve damage than has already been done. If you ever experience these types of pounding and sharp pains in your body please do not hesitate to set up a visit with a trustworthy doctor, spine specialist, or spine surgeon.

Another very serious sign of nerve damage is numbness that can manifest in various different areas of your human body like your arms, legs, neck, hands, and spinal areas. Do not ignore certain signs of numbness in your body if they persist because ignoring these signs there’s a chance the nerve damage could become permanent. Go ahead and set up a consultation right away with a spine specialist if you feel you have serious and prolonged signs of numbness in your body.

Bladder incontinency or issues passing stools are other severe signs in someone that could signify there is a significant problem that should not be overlooked. Bladder issues and stool blockages could possibly cause permanent health problems in someone so set up an appointment to head in to your spine specialist or call your doctor’s office immediately.

Overall, your health and body are very important and keeping yourself safe and healthy are all part of being a better, happier, and smarter you. By paying close attention to certain signs in your body that could suggest nerve damage one can then consider consulting a spine specialist. By providing accurate and complete information to your doctor or spine specialist, he or she can then arrive at an accurate diagnosis of your back and spinal problems.

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