Low-carb, Keto friendly snacks; Fatsnax

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March 3, 2020
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Low-carb, Keto friendly snacks; Fatsnax

Jeff Frese, the CEO, and founder of Fatsnax says he learned to fall in love with fats in keto diets after reading the “Four Hour Body”, by Tim Ferris. Jeff learned that minimizing carbohydrates in the diet will increase healthy fats was crucial to good health. However, Jeff also realized there weren’t many sweet snacks which were also keto-friendly. Jeff began whipping up snacks for a keto diet in his kitchen. He began realizing that most of his snacks were being eaten up rather quickly by friends and family. After this realization, Jeff decided to launch Fat Snax in an effort to share his keto snacks with the world.


A Snack With Almost No Carbs

The mission of Fat Snax is a bit different than most other snack makers. Rather than just focus on specific health goals, Fat Snax also tries to focus on how snacks look and taste after they have been prepared. The resulting snack is one that should be appetizing and appealing to the keto community. As one measure of success, Fat Snax shares news snacks with people who consume regular diets. This way, the snacks can be compared head-on with other carb-rich snacks. When a group likes a particular snack with little-to-carbs that’s when a new snack is added to the Fat Snax offering. Fat Snax cookies only contain 1-2 carbs per cookie. This is achieved through using ingredients low in carbs such as almond flour, butter, and coconut flour in place of regular flour. This low carb count also means people can stay in ketosis while enjoying tasty treats such as cookies, brownies and more. You can choose from four flavors for the cookie variety from double or single chocolate chip to lemony lemon and peanut butter. Fat Snax also offers a delicious brownie, small cookie bites and blondies or brownie bites.

Even the keto-god himself like these healthy snacks:

How does it work?

To get some keto treats from Fat Snax, you may sign up for a subscription. You can customize your subscription so that you receive certain flavors or varieties of snacks on a monthly basis. For new subscribers, if you don’t enjoy your Fat Snax, you can get your money refunded in full. Aside from just the keto community, those seeking gluten-free options will also enjoy Fat Snax since each cookie and brownie is completely gluten-free. Also, with shelf lives of six-months, each Fat Snax can be stored, just waiting for the day you decide to eat it. Currently, Fat Snax is available only within the U.S. and Canda while orders outside of those two countries may be considered in the future. Fat Snax can also be ordered for offices or parties through the office ordering program.

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