What are the best machines you can use in the gym?

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March 31, 2020
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What are the best machines you can use in the gym?

Going to the gym in the effort to get the body that you want is so admirable. While half the battle is actually getting there, you also need to know what you are ding. Take a look at this list of the greatest gym equipment you can find in most gyms, separated by the body part you want to work on.


Best For Legs

You can find a lot of equipment readily available in most gyms to work out your legs. You can either go for a straight leg press machine, adding weight until you feel your legs are sufficiently strong, or you can go for a machine that mimics your leg movements while skiing or sledding. These are recommended because it also keeps your mind occupied thinking about different adventures you might be on.

Best For Arms

The weight machines that are available to you to work out your arms are similar to those for your legs. There are press machines, where you simply lift heavy weights, or something like a rowing machine, designed to give you a workout like being on a boat. Of course, there are also barbells in every weight you can think of so you can customize your routine to suit your desires. Cable arm exercises are another great way to add volume to your workout routine while lowering the risk of injury. A few of the best are:

Best For Core

While the arms and legs are most commonly focused on, you should also pay attention to your core strength. Your core strength will affect your balance and mobility. A common exercise for this is a crunch, and you can find many machines that will help you to achieve the perfect crunch. Not only should you be focusing on how much weight you can hold, but you should also be paying attention to your form, and do everything correctly so as not to hurt yourself or create chronic injuries.

Best Cardio

While strength training is important to so many different things, nothing beats a good bit of cardio to get your blood pumping and make you feel like you really did something. A basic treadmill or stationary bike is really all you need for this, as well as your device with a favorite playlist queued up. Otherwise, there are classes that many gyms offer that create a whole social environment for you to work out in.

No matter what your motivation is for going to the gym, we applaud you. Just getting through those doors is the first step, and what a doozy it can be. Have an open mind and learn about equipment before you attempt to use it, and you should have smooth sailing.


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